“Al Estilo Barrionuevo-Sierchuk” Text fragment interview D&D Magazine N.92
Text Author: Sol Dellepiane A.
Who would have known, while seeing them at 13 years old between sails and ropes – afternoons of river and sun – that these two childhood friends will later on embark in the project of creating an architecture practice and, later on, become one of the most successful architecture partners in the market. [...] But that’s how it happened, and today, Gabriela Barrionuevo and Adriana Sierchuk [...] successfully do what they like the most: designing and materializing spaces.
Going back, as young architects they began getting involved in small projects, that fortune led into more important developments. (The Plaza Hotel pool and several CASA FOA installations throughout the years)
The line started back then, continued developing strongly through the practice trajectory, specially recognized for their masterly approach towards the three key areas from residential design: Architecture, Interior design and Landscaping.
It could not have been any other way, given the integrated vision they both stand for. “both interior design and landscape, are fundamentals of a house concept as a whole. It has to be that way” – Says Adriana, and adds “Architecture gains strength and richness when the built environment and nature are successfully integrated; When the volumes merge with interior spaces and landscape, in order to develop a building with such beauty that it generates feelings and emotions while being in it.”
Quite a statement. Many are the houses in the urban perisphery born under this philosophy. Extremely personal, striking, open to nature yet private, these buildings reflect Barrionuevo-Sierchuk’s language, a dialect with modernist roots but clearly contemporary.
The use of the most noble materials, water planes and state of the art technology, complete the list of qualities the practice stands for.
[...] It is in the creation of shapes that acknowledge the present, that architects build their transcendence [...] Still, it is not bold to assume that with their great volumes and rigorous geometry, Barrionuevo-Sierchuk are on their way to make it.

¿What is never missing in your projects?
- AS. Water Planes. GB. The allegory of the senses.
¿What kind of lifestyle does your work promote?
-AS. Dispoiled, because our architecture doesn’t need ornament. It has a style in which the space itself is what prevails, more that any decoration in it. GB. We like spaces that allow one to take possession of the building, promoting freedom.
¿Any advice for someone building their first home?
- To dedicate time and get involved.
¿What object would each of you steal from a museum?
- AS. A huge antique globe. GB. A Miró painting, currently in The Reina Sofia Museum, in Madrid, to hang over my bed.
¿How would you define your clients?
- Smart. (Laughs)
¿Which is the most beautiful house you have ever seen?
- Frank Ll. Wright’s Waterfall House
From all your houses, ¿Which is the most photogenic of all?
- ¡All of them!